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First off, this is not a post about closing the blog, okay now that we got that out of the way…

Life has taken over and this blog has been the victim! I did not want or foresee this happening but it did and I can’t do anything about it. This blog was meant as a place for help and encouragement, this has not been happening on my end. I apologize for that, yet I too need a place for positivity and support and unfortunately the way this blog runs is 100% on me… Which was never my plan or hopes, because as I said, I need & wanted support too.

So, for the time being please be patient, as I don’t know when my next post is coming but it will, sometime. For now, I just need to take care of what needs to be taken care and unfortunately, I am not finding that support or help here.

We will chat again, this I promise!

-Mr. Rogers


Many people I know should read this, I’d like them much more if they did… So, check out this site-


This is great…

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So, am I crazy for thinking it is way too early for my child to experience things other kids are exposed to?

Many times this exposure comes from their parents and I realize that the parenting spectrum is extremely broad… I mean you have many different combinations types of parenting. For example, you may have an extreme “natural” parent who only uses organic everything from food to clothing to diapers but still shows their children violent (in my opinion) films or cartoons. Then, you may also have the parent who is much more liberal with food, clothing, etc. and only let’s their child watch PBS 30 minutes a week.

However you choose to raise your child is 100% your choice and I applaud all of us out there, simply due to the fact that we are raising our children. So, this rant isn’t directed at anyone or anything, it’s just thoughts being said or I mean written!

With all this said, I’m going to propose a few questions… And share my answers. I’d love to hear yours and also have more questions to contemplate, so please share!

Here we go… (Remember these are opinions)-
When do you show your child his/her first super hero movie? We haven’t and don’t plan to anytime soon. Our beliefs is that there is enough educational tv/movies out there, why dilute it with things they don’t understand, nor should understand.

When do you introduce your child to fast food (McD’s, BK, etc.) ? We haven’t and hope to never introduce them to it… Again, in our minds, there are better choices. Although, we have got ice cream from DQ twice,been to subway and gone out to restaurants.

When do you stop with naps? We haven’t and are not seeing this happen in the near future. If he stops napping on his own, we will still ask that he takes some alone time in his room. We’ve read it’s a good resting technique, which also builds up independence.

Have/when do you do away with the pacifier? How’d you do it? We haven’t done this, we don’t see the rush and our oldest only uses it for bed. Plus, the ADA just came out and said it shows no harm. We plan to let nature take its course.

When are courtesies and manners taught? We are very big on this and always prided ourselves in this… So, we have been working on this since the get go!

Switching to crib/toddler bed/big boy bed? Our big guy is in a toddler bed and we let him dictate when the changes come. Yes, crib to TB is based more on safety than anything but we see no rush, it’s his sanctuary so lets let him have it the way he wants.

Sports games/going out/concerts?
Our oldest has been to numerous concerts, tons of sounders games, a couple football games and many other outings. Our youngest is well on his way to match big bro’s number of outings at the same age. Personally, we want our boys to experience as much as they can and we love sharing these times with them!

Here ends the ?’s for today… I’ll be back soon!

PS- please post, share and get involved

-Mr. Rogers

So, it’s been awhile since my last post (once again) but this time it’s simply due to exhaustion.

As I’ve stated before, no two kids/babies are alike and that has never been more apparent to me than what we go through day in and day out. We always felt very lucky to have a pretty simple and for the most part, easy baby to raise for our first child. Well, in a lot of ways, we were spoiled and we now are paying for it. The reason I say this, is not to make our second baby sound like the most difficult baby ever but to share the fact that all children are different. If we had not known what some would say the idea of an easy baby, we would probably have a lot less difficult time with our second lil guy.

Do we find #2 extremely difficult? Yes. Is it fair that we compare him to #1? No… But it’s all we know & have to go by. Is he anymore difficult than what other “typical” babies are like? I don’t think so… And this is something we need to remember & remind ourselves of.

Yes, he cries a lot but don’t a lot of babies? In between those cries, he is such a sweet beautiful baby but on somedays all we, or really I mean me, feels like those times never happen b/c I’m only thinking of the crying and how to fix it. Is he a healthy big boy? Absolutely, our Ped reminded me that he has never seen a healthier, happier baby boy at his 4 month check up and he was even including our “easy” 1st baby boy.

Therefore, I need to relax and just be thankful for what I have and know things WILL get better. Personally, I think I need to abandon the typical “man” thought of how I can fix the situation and simply just listen & let him resolve the solution. This has been very difficult because I just want this crying issue fixed but again my Ped reminded me, if he’s crying he’s breathing, he maybe just likes to hear himself and many other reasons why it will resolve itself.

So, cheers to…


And maybe I should just use this for my own sake…


-Mr. Rogers

Last Post…

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I know the blogs have dwindled but given the news I just shared, it has been a busy time solidifying my place in the program.

I hope to get all my time management figured out but know that family is first, school is second and the importance of sharing is somewhere else down the line. With that said, I do hope to keep this blog going strong and the support, questions, topics and comments of others will help me with this!

-Mr. Rogers

So, we are starting a new adventure and it shall be pretty awesome… In two years we will have more and more children in our life! The reason being, I am going back to school to get my masters in teaching degree. This is a dream come true for me and the program I am attending will afford me the time to still remain at my current job and be there for our two lil guys for most of the two years before I hit the classroom as a teacher.

As I stated, this is a dream come true and I could never thank my wife and boys enough for supporting me, giving me the push I needed and just being all around awesome!

-Mr. Rogers (soon to be called Mr. Rogers)

So, my wife and I have both used our two stroller options with many mixed feelings!

We prefer the oh so illustrious BOB for many reasons but it’s not always easy to pack or remembered. When that happens, we choose or should I say, are left to use our Snap & Go. We don’t mind it and it has definitely been quite handy for many reasons. However, it doesn’t turn as well as the BOB and if it’s sunny out the only thing blocking is what’s on the car seat. The BOB has an added sunblocker, which is great for that reason but also for privacy and for sleeping reasons for the lil ones.

The one issue that is and has never been on our mind, is the status symbol of different strollers. I know it’s crazy to think but is definitely true! If we have the Snap & Go in a higher end place like the upper echelon Bellevue, the looks received are as if we are beneath them. Yet, when in those areas with the BOB those looks are never sent in our direction.

It’s crazy that people believe a stroller can define your status and what type of parent you are but it happens! It should not surprise me because so many people like to think they can better your child with what they have to offer, why would those people stop at something such as a stroller? Oh, they won’t and to me it’s just that they have something missing in their own life/parenting skillset or they are just plain crazy!!!

Anyone else notice this? Thoughts & opinions on this post?

-Mr. Rogers


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So, I don’t really get why my infant has grippy socks like these…


And when he gets to the age of learning to walk he’ll have non-grippy socks like these…


I know they say the grip helps with crawling but I didn’t and have never noticed them helping too much. However, as soon as they get old enough to toddle around and slip on hardwoods, it’s decided that the grip is no longer needed. In my mind, this seems a little backwards.

What’s your thoughts?

-Mr. Rogers